Website Development

We offer simple website development using raw HTML, WordPress, or Google Blogspot.

These allow fairly robust sites to be built quickly (and consequently inexpensively) for individuals or small enterprises ( such as ours… 🙂 ) to establish a web presence that will allow you to present yourself and your products and services quickly and concisely. Put the URL on your calling card and the potential customer has an instant snapshot of what you can do for him.

We can help if you already have a site by adding and editing content.

We can help if you do not already have a site, but then it gets a bit more complicated. In short, you need a service provider (or your own server), DNS (Domain Name System) actions

to create your URL and have it point to a specific IP (Internet Protocol) address, and a bunch of other things. This link provides an excellent overview of the process:

We can do all this and more for you, including providing a server with a unique IP address.

So let’s start a conversation to explore your needs and our resources and set up a plan for going forward.