Water bill calculations

Newport’s water woes (and fees) are legendary, so it behooves us to keep a close eye on usage.

We have created a spreadsheet to be able to predict the monthly bill based on periodic meter readings. It has saved us from some nasty surprises.

The calculator spreadsheet can be downloaded here:


Enter your previous and current data as described in the sheet and this screenshot:

The predicted bill is in the blue box in the lower right corner.

The most frequent source of nasty surprises is a running toilet.

You can use the following table as a rule of thumb for what your usage may be:

There is a system that will let you monitor your meter via the internet.


Our meter is a Badger. Badger offers an Android/iPhone app that lets people monitor their usage and more. It is called EyeOnWater:


We installed the app on an Android. It asks for zip code (02840) or Account Number (Bmmm-nnnnn). But it doesn’t find our account. It gives several reasons why it doesn’t work, including

“Some utilities may still be rolling out EyeOnWater”

Apparently it requires the City to “partner” with them. We have asked the City to install it, but they have not done so to date.

So the only option is to physically read the meter and use the calculator presented above.

It takes about five minutes to read the meter and update the spreadsheet once you understand it… Worthwhile exercise: getting a bill of over $100 when you were expecting $40 is a real eye-opener.


Other resources:

The following web site provides a massive amount of information regarding Newport water, rates, rationales, etc.:


In particular the FAQs are here:


This provides a long list of billing items:


Of particular interest is “Sewer abatement” if you spring a leak that does not enter the sewer system…