Project Management and Planning

We offer organizational skills to analyze any project and develop an execution plan based on timelines and resources.

These services reflect the motif of “Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance”.

We use orthogonality and functional decomposition to analyze an objective, its resources, requirements ,and feasibility and then develop a timeline for execution, with schedules of required financial, personnel, and infrastructure needs.

Translated, this means identifying the things you want to accomplish at a number of increasingly detailed levels (“tiers”) while ensuring that at each level the elements are mutually exclusive of each other (“orthogonal”).

For example, the first level (“Tier 0”) might be:

• Go shopping

The next level (“Tier 1”) then might be:

+ Buy groceries
+ Buy hardware

You then continue to add subsequent tiers, increasing the detail for each element of the preceding tier.

It turns out that this kind of thinking can end up providing a very good estimate of your time and resource requirements in very short order. Breaking things down to three “tiers” typically arguably can give you something around a 75% confidence level, taking it further, perhaps six tiers, can get you into the 90+% confidence domain.

Of course, it is a lot of tedious head work to do all that and one needs a lot of software support to keep track of all the details, including creating databases or spreadsheets, grouping and outlining the elements to be able to examine the project at any desired level of detail, and so forth. All of which we can do for you.

We can be very confident that if you take things to at least six tiers you will be hard pressed to find something you had not thought about in advance.

So let’s start a conversation to explore your needs and our resources and set up a plan for going forward.