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Computer grooming details

The work flow is:

1. Meet for about an hour to set up the remote control software, get essential information, and if  transferring to a new machine and it is available, do any necessary hardware setup.

2. Then go away to free you up and then do the grooming or other work progressively but in due course, remotely. We will be done surely within 24 hours.

3. Come back for about an hour after it is all done to ensure you understand it and are satisfied.



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We perform these services:

  • Clean, organize computer files
  • Set up new computer
  • Install new software
  • And much more…

This kind of work typically takes some eight hours of searching, deleting, downloading, installing, and organizing applications and data (files, photos, music, etc.)

The actual time of course depends on the age and model of the computer and its operating system (Microsoft, Apple, Linux) and the available internet connectivity speed.

Much of that time is spent waiting: waiting for some application to finish searching, deleting, downloading and installing some other bits of software. All good time that might be spent doing something else more productive, like working on a different machine, making coffee, or going to the gym.

So there are (at least) four modes in which we operate:

  1. Remote over internet (this mode)
  2. Remote, you deliver
  3. Remote, we collect
  4. On Site

In this mode we install a small program called TeamViewer on your computer. This lets us log in to your machine whenever:

a. It is turned on
b. TeamViewer has been started and is running
c. It is connected to the Internet
d. You are not using it

TeamViewer is described at

It shows a small widget whenever we are connected, so you know that we are connected and you can kill the connection with a single click.

So you are assured of your privacy, but *do* need to expressly observe steps a-d above. d. is negotiable, since many of these processes can run in background and you can continue to use your computer in the meantime. We just need to be able to coordinate by phone or SMS text.

But a-c are mandatory.

So this mode requires some of your time for coordination (installing TeamViewer, coordinating usage times). On the other hand you have the machine available to you for your use and we work at your convenience.

This process will probably take two days, what with coordinating your schedule with ours.

We charge $25 per hour of actually logged work for this mode, allowing us to leverage the waiting time with other jobs, coffee, and gym. And do not require travel time, although a local visit to meet and greet in the midst of other errands would be free at our mutual convenience.

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