Computer grooming details

 We prefer to operate online:

The reason is that this kind of work is very time-consuming while we wait for something to download, or install, or scan, or whatever. That speed also depends on the internet connection. Inevitably there is some snag that we then to go to Google to find the fix and then download some arcane little tool to fix the problem. 

Very much like trying to install a new shelf or appliance. You know how to do it, but you don’t have the right screw or the right size screwdriver, so you have to get in the car, go to the hardware store, and come back to finish the job. 

We can do lots of other productive work with the time while this sort of thing happens if we are at our site and not in your living room. Additionally, because of that time, if we want to fix a cup of coffee or have a snack while it is grinding away we can accommodate that sort of multi-tasking at our site, but not in your home. And then there is the time toll on you to stay there watching us twiddle our thumbs while the machine grinds away…

These tasks will take from one to eight hours depending on the task.
Our usual rate is $100/hour to sit dedicatedly in your living room. So it is much more economical if we can multitask with other work. 

Check the competition. They are generally twice our rate with less service.  We are doing a thorough cleaning and configuration job (not just slap-dash transfer of everything) at a fair price, much less that these others.

In general a plan might go like this:

1. We meet for about an hour to set up the remote control software, get essential information, and if transferring to a new machine and it is available, do any necessary hardware setup.

2. Then we go away to free you up and then do the grooming or other work progressively but in due course, remotely. We will be done surely within 24 hours.

3. We come back for about an hour after it is all done to ensure you understand it and are satisfied.

Give us a call. We can make it work. Then everybody wins.