Grooming: Internet

We use this method to conduct computer grooming over the internet, just like your IT (information technology) staff do at work.

You download and install a small program in your computer that connects to a big computer “in the cloud”. We then connect with the “cloud”. It checks our credentials to make sure we are legitimate and then connects us to your computer.

This process is called TeamViewer. 

• It is optimal for us, since we can be doing other things while waiting around for things to happen. But it requires cooperation on your part to let us know when you won’t be using the computer. So we need to be in communication by phone or text to coordinate this work.

We can do this by schedule in advance if you wish. Tell us times when the computer will be available and that’s when we’ll do the work.

The rate for this option is $25 per hour of actual work (adjusted for the necessary waiting times).

If this is not your choice then we can pursue one of the remaining options:

Remote: You deliver or we pick up

On site